Admission Info

The Policy

The school has an open-admission policy and has no preference or reservation for any community, caste, creed, class, religion or region. The selection is done solely on the basis of merit.

Age Limit

Children seeking admission into Class I and Class XI must conform to the age limit stipulations given below:

At the time of admission to class I, the child should have completed 5 ½ years and should be less than 6 ½ years by the 30th of September of the year in which the admission is sought. The age of admission to the other classes should be reckoned accordingly. For higher classes relaxation of age is not permitted. Acceptable proof of age is a birth certificate issued by competent authority at the place where the child was born.

In case of admission on the basis of Transfer Certificate issued from the other schools, the date of birth recorded in the T.C. shall be accepted. Request for any change in date of birth at a later date is not entertained.


Admission Rules
  1. Parents seeking admission for their children should apply in writing on the prescribed form and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the school.
  2. A school leaving certificate from the institution previously attended must be submitted at the time of admission.
  3. A pupil coming from another state or board will not be admitted without the counter signature of the education officer of the state or board on the school leaving certificate.
  4. For admission to Nursery a child should have completed three years on December 31 of the previous year and for admission to Standard One a child should have completed five years on December 31 of the previous year. Admission in Standards higher than Standard 1 shall be made on a corresponding scale of age.
  5. Student will be subjected to admission test the minimum levels of learning and to determine the eligibility of the pupil for the standard to which he/she seeks admission.
  6. Admission is final only when the parents or guardian is so informed and fees is paid.
  7. Students can be removed from the school roll by the school authorities on any one of the following grounds:-
    1. Consistent academic weakness.
    2. Indiscipline.
    3. Consistent Absence
Rules regarding Leave / Absence
  1. Students of I to VIII must complete 85% of the attendance in the session to make them eligible to sit for the final examination. In classes IX, X, students must have an average of 95% attendance before the examination.
  2. Students must be regular in their attendance. If a student is unable to attend school for any reason, a leave note must be sent by the parents/guardian to the class teacher. In case of illness the class teacher must be informed and a medical certificate should be submitted. Leave applications sent through E-Mail will not be accepted.
  3. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than six consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Students may be readmitted only at the discretion of the principal and after the payment of admission fee.
  4. Students coming to school after illness should bring a medical certificate from their doctor on joining the school.
  5. Half-day leave or leave from any period should be avoided.
  6. Every student should attend school on the opening day after every vacation. It is compulsory to attend the school till last date before any vacation.
  7. In case a student has to leave the school campus during school hours, he/she must bring a letter giving the reason and should obtain a gate-pass from the office. No student will be allowed to go home without the written permission of the principal.


Guidelines to Parents

  1. Please co-operate with the school in ensuring an effective education for your children. This can be done by
    1. Please co-operate with the school in ensuring an effective education for your children. This can be done by
    2. Providing text books, note books and other requirements of your ward.
    3. Assisting and guiding in doing home-work.
    4. Depositing fees as per rules.
    5. Providing proper school uniform.
    6. Checking that he/she comes to school regularly, punctually and is dressed neatly.
    7. Checking that he/she carries all the books according to the time – table.
  2. Please look into your ward’s school diary frequently and see to it that the assigned home work is done regularly and duly signed by you. Also countersign the remarks made in it, if any.
  3. Should you feel or notice that your ward is not making the desired progress, you may kindly contact the Incharge / Principal but not the teacher. You are always welcome to the school to discuss the progress of your ward.
  4. Please don’t disturb the class by visiting the class room directly.
  5. Please always send a signed leave application in respect of your ward addressed to the Class teacher / Incharge prior to the absence of your ward. Please don’t request for the part time leave of your ward.
  6. Please ensure that your ward comes regularly to the school in neat, clean and tidy school uniform. Don’t force the authority for exemption.
  7. Please don’t give costly things and money to your ward or send them to school with gold ornaments. The school will not take any responsibility for the loss.
  8. Please do not to send your relatives , who are not known to the Incharge / Principal , to pick your ward. If so, please intimate earlier. Else the ward will not be permitted to leave with them.
  9. The school requires your co-operation. Your constant interest in the progress of the ward will be greatly anticipated and appreciated.
  10. Parents are requested to take care that their ward :
    1. Maintains personal hygiene like: trimming of nails, cleaning ears & teeth on regular basis
    2. Sleeps for at least eight hours daily.
    3. Takes a balance diet.
    4. Avoids buying eatables from road side vendors.
    5. Dewormed at least once every year. (Advice to be taken from the family physician.)
    6. Gets vaccinated as per the advice given by the family doctor.
  • One clear calendar month’s notice in writing or a month’s fee in lieu of such notice be given before a pupil can be withdrawn.
  • Transfer certificate is not issued until all dues are settled.
  • The term fee is not refundable.
  • If a student cancels his/her admission after one month from the date of reopening of the new session (April) of the school, he/she shall be refunded only caution money, and fee would not be refunded.
  • Parents who intend to withdraw their ward/s from the school at the and of session, must do so in writing on or before 31st March.
  • If the office does not receive any intimation in writing, parents will have to pay full school fee of the first term of the new academics year. Under no circumstances can the above rule be circumvented.
School Uniform



School Timings



Appraisal system

Promotion to the higher class up to class X is on the basis of Annual Record of the pupil which includes :

Project work / Practical Work
Class work and Home Assignments
Review Tests
Terminal Examination

Profile of a Student

The future belongs to you, dear boys and girls. You have therefore, to prepare yourselves for the active participation in the world you live in and to have a way in the reshaping of the world. Develop yourselves, then, into intelligent, well informed and responsible men and women.

Try to excel in whatever you do, always remembering that there is scope for continuous improvement. Make the best use of the facilities that your home, school and your country providess you with.

Inculcate in yourselves the spirit or leading a planned life and from the habit of doing things regularly. Don’t leave any work for tomorrow.

This diary has been planned with a view to help you informing these habits of planned and regular work.

You should note down, after every period, the homework assigned to you by your subject - teacher.

Fix your hours of study at home.Do your home assignment first carefully, revise the day’s lessons and prepare yourselves for the next day’s lessons. This habit pays you in the long run.

This contains other useful information also, which you should note and make proper use of. You must bring this diary to the school daily without fail and maintain in carefully.

Always remember.........‘Work is Workship’



  1. Be a regular scholar. Come to school in clean and tidy uniform. Let there be grace and sense of purpose in your work and movement.
  2. Be regular attending the assembly, be quiet and take active part in its con duction and every school activity.
  3. Extend your help in keeping the class room and the school campus clean. Don’t scatter bits of paper on the floor - should you find any, remove them. Neither disfigure the walls nor damage the school furniture and other properties. They are yours and you have to pass them on to your younger brothers and sisters. Report any damage or loss immediately to the class - teacher or Principal. Any damage will be made good by the Person responsible.
  4. Don’t loiter outside the class - rooms while the school is in session.
  5. While moving from one class to other, take care not to disturb other classes. Move in a line always.
  6. Bring only the prescribed text books and note - books.
  7. Take care of your things. Don’t lose them.
  8. Should you find anything belonging to school or any other student, de posit in the office.
  9. Don’t do anything that is derogatory to your self respect.
  10. Enter home - assignments in your School diary regularly and do the work regularly. Follow - up the corrections and suggestions by the teacher.
  11. Converse only in English to hone your language.
  12. Avoid writing on walls or carving out on desk/benches/tables.
  13. Never bully the weak or make fun of the old,the poor and the handicapped.
  14. Strive to attain excellence in whatever activity you participate.
  15. Regards the school as your second home and do every thing possible to keep the classroom and the school premises neat and pleasing to the eye.
  16. Never indulge in deliberate destruction of school property and report any such instances, you may come across, to the teachers.


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