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“I took a piece of living clay,

and gently formed it day by day,

and molded with my power and art,

into a young child's soft and yielding heart.”

Sri Shirdi Sai, has pioneered innovative activity based learning methodologies where focus is placed on the process of learning and not the product of learning. Experiential learning is learner and activity centered and creates an environment where learners can reflect and apply their experience to real world situations. The objective is to take teaching into a different realm altogether -- and imbue it with genuine fun and interest for faster comprehension and understanding. However participating in an experience is not enough for the child, and in order for an activity to truly be called experiential, he/she needs to encompass the following elements:

EXPLORATION: "Do it" i.e. Perform or do an activity with little to no help from the facilitator/teacher.

SHARING: "What Happened" i.e. to allow children to publicly share the results, reactions, observations and feelings and to get them talk about their experience.

PROCESSING: "What's Important?" i.e Discussing, analyzing, reflecting, looking at the experience.

GENERALIZING: "So What?" i.e. Connecting the experience with real world examples.

APPLICATION: "Now What?" i.e. Discussing how new learning can be applied to other situations.

The school seeks to provide children with ‘experiences’ that engages learners to think creatively and enables them to develop their skills. This holistic, child-centered approach finds expression in a multitude of activities -- with every Shirdi Saian given the opportunity. It changes the role of the teacher to being a facilitator as opposed to the holder of information.

"Whoever ceases to be a student has never been a student"


"The school; where technology is NOT just an add-on, but an enabler. "

We are working towards adopting technology to keep pace with the rapidly changing times and at the same time continue to be the school with a soul, creating an emotionally intelligent climate in the school i.e. working towards both; a hi-tech head and a hi-touch heart. Newer learning techniques that are products of intensive research and keep pace with evolutionary trends are now being put in place so as to create a 21st century learning environment.

Efforts are on to imbibe the curriculum so as to challenge pupil’s understanding and promote greater thinking and reflection while at the same time taking care that technology works only as an enabler not as a destructor. Thus Technology at Sri Shirdi Sai, acts as a catalyst in delivering various soft skills; creating a simulating learning environment that allows a colossal experience of a whole new genre of education.


Sri Shirdi Sai …

“A School where explorers will be set free,

and inquisitive minds will be fuelled to reach out to infinity!!”

The tremendous growth and enormous power of modern technology has resulted in a minor dichotomy of our times. With the internet, while being an asset, has been vying with the book reading habits of students. But does it help them to..

Observe, Explore and Reflect?

Children, by doing themselves can have sustainable understanding. We believe that every child has a unique and infinite potential. And to help him/her discover his/her true self, it is essential to improve the conceptual understanding and development of scientific temper. This can be done by providing the child, hands-on experiment tools.

Towards this, we have introduced a new paradigm in classroom instruction the zee learn gakken, BRAIN CAFE which helps the child to observe, deepen and concretize his/her understanding, helping to organize and synthesize knowledge and seek reasoning and application of theoretical concepts in real world.



In an attempt to enhance the confidence as well as speaking skills of the students, regular ‘Show-n-Tell’ are organized. Little Kids share anything they like, be it their proud possessions, strengths, or ideas, with the class describing its various attributes.

Annual Day

All children from classes III-X participate in the Annual Function “TARANG” celebrated at a grand scale and showcase their talents.

Kids Day

Every child from classes Nursery to II is recognized for his/her special qualities on this day and presents an extravaganza on various themes every year. The tenderones of UKG are graduated on the occasion.

Monthly STAR Group Functions

Various festivals/events/competitions are organized in the school by the Group on Duty which takes complete responsibility of making the function a grand success. Every member of the Group is given the opportunity to showcase his/her talent.

Creative Writing

It is a separate subject through which children learn to express their views confidently and beautifully.

Intra-Class Activities/Competitions

Every class gets a chance to participate in numerous Intra-Class Activities every month in EVERY subject. Learning happens through multiple activities as the Activity-Oriented approach of learning is deeply threaded into the school curriculum.

Inter-Class Activities

Inter-Class Competition is held for all the classes III onwards. Different subject wise weeks are celebrated and during the week, all activities are based on the skills and concepts of the particular subject.

Inter-House Activities

There is a House System in the school in which all students from classes I to V are divided into four houses –Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Regular Inter-House Competitions are organized for all the four houses. Due care is taken to ensure new children’s participation each time without repeating the same students again.

National/State Level Competitions

The students get diverse opportunities to participate in a number of events at the Inter-School/State and National level. They have achieved numerous laurels at the National/State Level competitions in all the fields.


Sri Shirdi Sai believes in the maxim, “Leaders are not born; rather they are made”.

Amongst plethora of activities, students are trained for leadership step by step. There is a Group System in the school in which all students are divided into four Groups STAR – Subash, Tagore, Ashok, Raman. Each Group is headed by the Group Captain and teachers. Other office bearers of each house are: Group Vice-captain-1, Group Vice-captain-2. It begins from becoming Class Representatives where they learn shouldering simpler, smaller responsibilities like maintenance of Class Bulletin Boards, News Corner and Incentive Chart, etc. They exert all efforts to keep the classroom neat and tidy. They are assisted by the ‘Group on Duty’ in the class.

Duties to these students are allocated on the basis of the positions which they occupy and in no way are their studies affected adversely. Various Inter competitions scattered throughout the academic year. All earnest endeavors are made that each child should participate in one activity or the other. The Group bearers shoulder this responsibility of the flawless progress of all Inter Group events.

Duties to these students are allocated on the basis of the positions which they occupy and in no way are their studies affected adversely. Various Inter competitions scattered throughout the academic year. All earnest endeavors are made that each child should participate in one activity or the other. The Group bearers shoulder this responsibility of the flawless progress of all Inter Group events.


Conscious effort is made to ensure that most of the Activities organized in the school involve TEAM WORK. Children are divided into groups of 6 each and made to perform the given task. It enhances the spirit of collaboration and cooperation. Some examples are organization of: Group Assemblies, Wall-Magazines, Plays and other group events.

Star Student of the Week

Every child is honored as Star Student of the Week! This special week is designed wherein the child is featured on a bulletin board in our classroom. A few photographs of the child are displayed on our Student of the Week board. These can be portraits or snapshots of the child alone or with family and friends.

Smiley Scheme
Like happiness comes in small packages, this small card of honour gives our children a high and an avenue to think beyond and do something outstanding. Children are awarded SMILEYs on the SMILEY CHART in the class for showing small gestures of coordination, sharing, cooperation and more.

Wall-Magazine Competition

Each class is allotted ONE country at the beginning of the session as a part of Children’s Day and the students TOGETHER explore that country. They put entire class effort in winning that competition by displaying relevant information on the given theme as beautifully and creatively as they can and display COORDINATION, TEAMWORK and COOPERATION.


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