THE SCHOOL CAMPUS..Facilities inSri Shirdi Sai

Kindergarten Laboratory:

The Kindergarten Laboratory opens to a world of imagination for the tiny tots. No more blackboard and chalk talk methods, a more interactive playpen has been created to stimulate their inquisitiveness and help them learn the ways of the world in a playful, colourful and joyful manner.

Science Laboratory:

The School has spacious, well-ventilated well equipped laboratory. Students, right from primary classes, have regular science practical periods to enhance learning by doing. Furnished with all the necessary instruments and accessories, the lab ensures that the practical understanding of the subject is comprehensive and complete.

Computer Laboratory:

The school has a well-equipped air-conditioned computer section with advanced infrastructure and latest technology in hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the curriculum. Each and every student from 1st standard onwards is given an opportunity to work on computer regularly. Equipped with the latest Pentium systems, the computer lab is very much in tune with the times. Apart from effectively aiding in teaching the prescribed syllabus, it endeavours to expose the students to the latest technologies and skills in this field.

Mathematics Laboratory:

No more fear and tears! Children find in this fascinating room a creative urge to make geometrical shapes to their liking. They do experimental verification of the formulae of solid figures and constructions.

Language Laboratory:

Humans differ from other creatures only by one thing i.e. their ability to expresses themselves verbally. This verbalized vocalization is indeed a wonderful gift to humans. As the world started getting ahead, the verbal ability was given different rhythms by different languages. In the present scenario, the most commonly & widely accepted language is English which is widely known as the “International Language” and to rightly say the Global Language. The barriers of knowing & communicating with people around the globe vanishes with a perfect touch in this language. Knowing the importance and need of it, Sri Shirdi Sai focuses on the Language Development Programme.

The programme supports students whose learning styles have created barriers to academic progress and also to remove accents and any hesitation that the child may have in speaking a language. This programme is designed to help them develop awareness of how they learn, improve their language skills and help them internalize the study routines that facilitate the learning process. For this purpose, the school houses a full-fledged Language Laboratory. The Lab has words worth software installed which exposes the children to variety of listening and speaking skills. The Language laboratory sessions also include vocabulary, phonetics and development skill and comprehensive development.

School Library:

Self study and reading are important skills towards developing the habit of life-long learning which an indispensable tool for future careers. For this purpose, the school has excellent in-house library stocked with over 8000 books for junior and senior students. It is an effective tool in the education process of the student. The collection of books ranges from academic to philosophy. The school subscribes to many periodicals, weekly and monthly journals, magazines and newsletters, apart from the daily newspapers.

Audio-Visual Room:

The school has a well-furnished and plush audio-visual set-up with the latest audio visual aids like OHP, Video Player, LCD projector etc. It has the latest collection of compact discs for teaching and learning of various subjects to make learning more interesting. It serves as a valuable educational aid and multimedia facility acting as a catalyst in not only creating interest but also in increasing understanding of the students in basic concepts of various disciplines.


Life in a hostel means a whole panorama of experiences that span from making 'friends for life', to gaining the confidence to face life independently. That is why we have laid a lot of emphasis in creating a warm, welcoming, invigorating and home-like atmosphere in our separate boys' and girls’ hostels. At SRI SHIRDI SAI, the hostel is a home away from home, where the children develop the 'confidence to be independent', be it friendships, food, belongings, rooms, joys, sorrows, challenges or any of the uncountable experiences of growing-up together.

Hostellers of SRI SHIRDI SAI are blessed with homely and affectionate atmosphere that prevails in the campus. They never long for going home as such ambience is created in the hostel itself. Children enjoy weekends playing games and watching movies, celebrate all festivals with equal fervour and zest. They celebrate their birthdays, cut cakes and have gala time.

School’s experienced warden and handpicked staff ensures that a cheerful and loving atmosphere pervades here. The hostel prides itself on offering the highest levels of comfort, cleanliness and security. It features every contemporary amenity. It has segregated areas for studying and recreation give residents the best of both worlds. Assistance from expert tutors, T.V., indoor games, library, are the unique features. Other facilities are: An advanced RO system pure drinking water, Large captive laundry to handle washing needs of the entire hostel, a further tie-up with a leading hospital nearby, a vehicle and driver in attendance around the clock.

The hostel provides separate wings for boys and girls, as well as for senior and junior school students. A full service in-house kitchen, equipped with modern systems, ensuring the best nutrition and uncompromising hygiene is provided. Quality home style, hygienic, nutritious Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Indian, Chinese and Continental meals are served. All the children eat together under the supervision of the Hostel staff. The hostellers are trained a sense of responsibility towards themselves and their surroundings and traditions.

Whether it’s a favorite snack, hot water to refresh, a warm breakfast early morning , or a gentle hand on the forehead when sick, every child feels cared for… just as he would with his family.


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