Talent Exploration Programs

The school seeks to provide children with ‘experiences’ that enable them to develop their skills. This holistic, child-centered approach finds expression in a multitude of activities -- with every Shirdi Saian given the opportunity



“English is a global language.”


English is a key skill for students around the world, because it has become the language of international communication. Hence, it is wise to prepare them from today to be ready for tomorrow. And what better than to arm them with skills in the language the world speaks!”

It is with even increasing zeal and inquisitiveness that the teachers of English department celebrate this innovative and gleeful week….

“Sri Shirdi Saians Exquisite English Eden”

This reinvigorating week exposes and encourages children to good language learning, to develop their all-round language skills and a high standard of confidence and achievement in English that would enable them to read, write, speak and listen with assurance. Who wouldn’t like children to grow up confident in using English? Children have fun and excitement and passionate language learning through various competitions, home tasks and eventually weekend grandeur celebrations. The ardent co-operation and endeavour of parents and teachers makes it an inciting one as we believe that team work is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results and there’s no exercise for the heart than reaching out and lifting children up. Thus we all work together towards a common vision.

SMITEScience & Mathematics Innovative Team for Ecstasy

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Aristotle

In this day and age of ever evolving needs, the fastest and ever growing needs are that of our children itself. The needs of parents and children alike from the child’s life go just beyond education. It’s more about having a multi faceted personality, being an all rounder and excelling in various fields - it’s about over all talent and personality and how that would make them successful human beings. Experiential learning can be a highly effective educational method. Sri Shirdi Sai understands this very desire that every parent has for his child. Sri Shirdi Saians “ SMITE” is one more step to extend its activities in the field of education by allowing students to showcase their achievement and understanding of the subject through their own creative way. Structuring and restructuring of ideas leading students to explore, respond, invent work things out, interpret and construct new knowledge is the essence of “SMITE”.

In mathematics, students do trading with the visitors in which lot of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is engaged. Various fun filled puzzles are also displayed that amuse everyone. Several interesting models present students investigation and understanding of the world. The budding Einstein’s – students amaze one and all by their brilliant demonstration and lucid explanations on a large range of life processes and scientific phenomenon through power point presentations. A mammoth display of mind maps demonstrate the holistic understanding that children gather through their integrated learning. In fact whether it is taken as a language, science or social science project, the key issues explored by students related to real life situations and problems like climate change, global warming, resource depletion, health and nutrition etc are indeed thought provoking. The senior students display their acumen for investigation and research and several exhibits focus on the responsible use of science and technology for the benefit of society. Drip irrigation, Step farming, Railway signals, Wind farming, Weathervanes, Seismographs are some attractive useful working models. The eco friendly refrigerator and drinking water filter, the food pyramid, hydroponics as newer methods of cultivation are thought provoking. Numerous working models on various scientific principles are put up and are greatly enjoyed by all.



SRI SHIRDI SAI organizes Sonsy Social Solidarity every year.

Ever since the school was founded , it has ensured zeal & enthusiastic participation of its wards to keep the freshness of our past lingering in our minds. The week long fiesta bonds students of different classes. They sing patriotic songs to highlight their country’s glorious past , envious present and the incredible future and shout Vande Matram and many many more activities from their chest. It is inspiring to see the Shirdi Saians battalion, marching ahead. Hats off to their spirits! When they raise their slogan ‘Jai Hind’ the campus resonates with strong patriotism. It is a day when every Indian salutes the flag with honour and pride.

Competitions like ‘Be a great Patriot’ and ‘wall –Magazine’ are held. Dressed in beautiful costumes children salute, the Heroes of yesterday and today. The tiny tots become little soldiers, freedom fighters and sing to the tunes of Patriotism. Vande Mataram echoes the premises. The management encourages the students to be brave and honest and to work hard to become the “Heroes of Tomorrow”.


KREEDOTHSAVthe Annual Sports Meet

Sports and games instill the feeling that victory comes through hard, slavish team play, self confidence, and enthusiasm that amounts to dedication. It is an annual event which is a platform for demonstrating and exhibiting the sportsman spirit among children. Hence Sports earns a permanent place in the school calendar. Though the competitive events within each campus completes before the fixture of this day, this day stands specially marked as a day of great celebration of sportsmanship, harmony, patience and perseverance, the finest of qualities that have been heard echoing. A striking feature of this annual event is the variations in the programmes from year to year and the enthusiasm with which the students vie with one another on the occasion of Annual Sports Meet, the KREDOTHSAV.

A variety of Inter house and Inter group competitions are held throughout the session. These competitions give an opportunity to the students not only to participate but also in the process to develop confidence in them. School teams are encouraged to participate in various interschool competitions held in the city as well as participate in competitions organized at district levels and national levels.


UNIQUE CELEBRATIONS for year-long remembrance!

Celebration Of Festivals And Significant Days

Culture is a strong binding force in societies, but is often misused for narrow gains. At Sri Shirdi Sai we train students' right from childhood to experience various cultures through religious festivals and develop tolerance, understanding, and mutual respect for communities that paves way for Harmonious social living. Sri Shirdi Sai blends the traditions of India to provide a broad minded outlook to students. It encompasses everything that is natural, good and promotes positive values. Hence major festivals of all religions are celebrated with religious fervor and gaiety to promote tolerance and love for all races and creeds. Each Festival is given its due significance be it Sankranti or Dussehra,, Diwali, or Christmas.

Along with the festivals, Shirdi Saians learn and celebrate all the important international days like- Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day and more. The Kindergarten also goes colorful and vibrant on various Days like- Color days through a gamut of activities designed to render a better connectivity of the children with the rich spectrum of colors.

Trips of Joy and Happiness for LEARNING BEYOND CLASSROOMS

“Take the students out of the four walls of the classroom, and bring the outside world into it”

has been the constant endeavour at SRI SHIRDI SAI.

At Sri Shirdi Sai learning knows no boundaries! We reach beyond classrooms to a world of learning blended with fun and abandon. Students are exposed to a variety of activities and field trips as it is very essential for the full development of the students’ personality. Students have a platform to improve their interaction skills with peers and seniors, to develop organizational ability, to observe and learn to be independent and to imbibe invaluable insights into life around them. Fortunately, Rajahmundry offers a wide range of places suitable for educational and fun outings for students. Well planned “day outs” are organized for students of different classes.

The senior students are taken to places as diverse as the Sir Arthur Cotton Museum, Rallabanda SubbaRao Museum, Sri Satyadeva Nursery, Sri Damerla Rama Rao Art Gallery, Dhanalaxmi Textiles,The Bottling Unit, Home of Sri Kandukuri Veeresalingam, Ramakrishna Mission etc . The students of primary wing visit virtually every civic feature of the modern city - the Post Office, Fire Station, Police Station, Railway Station, Reliance Mart, Royal Mosque, Lutheran Church and more! The core aim of these field trips is to bridge the gap between the class room learning and the application of the same in various aspect of a real business.The key objectives are to:

- improve students’ understanding.

- highlight the relevance of practical experience.

- Conceptual learning through perception.


YAATRA….an Edu Vacation

Sri Shirdi Sai opines that tours and excursions broaden the scope and expand the mental plan of students who gain knowledge and insight and get close to a range of life styles, habits and manners. Hence excursions are planned every year to various places of historical, cultural, scientific importance in the country. This activity helps the students to develop self confidence, learn the values of independence and co-operation.

Even the longest journey starts with a single step. Yaatra encourages here, at Sri Shirdi Sai such small steps, which helps students to take giant leaps later in their career. Life is thoroughly experienced and enjoyed by the students. When children reminisce their childhood experiences later, they never miss the real essence and sense that makes life practical. The tour provides opportunities to observe and learn besides, time for relaxation. The sightseers savor the moments with obvious relish at every place they visit during the tour. Children enjoy themselves to the maximum dancing at the camp fire.

These visits leave the children’s spirits rejuvenated with an instant effect. It is delightful staying in the tourist resorts that extend warmth and unexplored beauty before them. Though the touring days come to an end but the rich and sweet memories of expedition are always cherished for ever. The innumerable photographs taken at every step reminds them of the blissful journey that is surely an unforgettable experience of lifetime!!



Every year, Shirdi Saians have the exciting opportunity to interact with leading public figures, including celebrities and outstanding personalities from different walks of life. Over the years, our students have shared time and space with personalities like

the Inspirationals

Sri. K. Audi Sesha Reddy Scientist, SHAR- ISRO,

Sri. A.S. MurthyC.T.O., Mahindra Satayam,

Smt. Kondaveeti Jyothirmayee, Renown Devotional singer

the Achievers

Padmashri Dr. Shoba Naidu, Eminent Kuchipudi Dancer

Koneru Humpy , World Chess Luminary

the Knowledgeables

Sri Jonnavittula Ramalingeswara Rao,

Sri Garikipati Narasimha Rao,

Sri Gollapudi Maruti Rao

They have also come face to face with the Golden doyen of the silver screen, Kala tapasvi Sri. K. Viswanath, actor Srikanth, Pradeep, Subbareddy and! Needless to say, each such interaction has left Shirdi Saians with the memory of an enjoyable, insightful and unforgettable experience that they will cherish all their lives.


NATIONAL CADET CORPS…An Indefatigable Move

We proudly acclaim to have started NCC in our school. The motto of National Cadet Corps is

“Unity And Discipline and So Is Ours!”

The aim of N.C.C has always been to develop human values among the students for personal growth. These are discipline, regularity and punctuality, cleanliness, industriousness, sense of duty and service, co-operation, sense of responsibility, courage and strong determination. Besides, the spirit of adventure, leadership-qualities, patriotism and spirit of sportsmanship are enhanced amongst children. The will to win is important but the will to prepare is vital.

The NCC cadets stand as symbol to prove that the pride to success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand and the determination that- whether we win or loose we have applied the best of ourselves to the given task at hand.

We strongly aspire to instill such social values which promote for development, survival and preservation of the rich heritage of our composite culture.


SRI SHIRDI SAIANS –Aspiring Inquisitive Mothers

Effective parenting has always been an important concern to the family. With parents losing sleep over worries for their toddlers, Sri Shirdi Sai eases their doubts by organizing a special session for the Mothers “AIM”

The highlight of the event is the special parenting seminar, which is held from morning till evening with eminent educationalist gracing the podium and sharing Parenting Tips. The session focuses on appropriate behaviour with children, methods to understand them, to listen to them and to refrain from always scolding them. The importance of appreciating children’s effort and setting up democratic norms are also stressed. During the interesting Interactio session, numerous questions ranging from food concerns, parenting tips, how to foster and direct extra talent, constructive punishment and TV viewing to inculcating the healthy habit of reading and doing home works independently are answered. Parents are advised to choose the right school for their child based on the child’s behavioral aspects, learning style and strengths. With such an informative and interactive session, hopefully the parents should now have a stress-free path to their child’s betterment. Parents throughout are seen taking notes and are all praise for the initiative taken by Sri Shirdi Sai.


TARANG.......the wave of joy!

With the start of every session the busy and hectic schedule, classes, activities, exams and functions, each has its own charms, fears and frolic. But still there is something that every school looks forward during each session and that is the Annual day Programme.

The beam of laughter, the tears of sorrow, the hard work, appreciation and criticisms and then the final countdown begins for the most awaited day.

The lighting of the lamp is done by madam Smt Nagamani Paleswara Rao garu and other dignitaries marking the beginning of the programme. The meritorious students are honoured with rolling shields for their outstanding performance in academics. The Chairman enlightens us with his valuable words. The dignitaries too share their thoughts and encourage us with challenging words. The presence of dignitaries causes great excitement amongst the members of Shirdi Sai Family i.e., students, teachers and parents. They showers encomiums on the school for instilling discipline and applaud the performances of children that portray our rich culture, and mythology. The school not only offeres the best in academics but also encourages an overall development of the student through various extracurricular activities conducted and taught by talented and capable teachers. The grand felicitations of the legendaries make everyone joyous.

The dance recital performed by the students of pre-primary, attired in shining dresses, the dances illuminate the stage while the audience watch with rapt attention. The children of the primary classes perform musically choreographed dance numbers on fascinating tunes. It is a performance par excellence. Students dressed in regional costumes dance to the tune of regional melodies. They enkindled the love for our motherland in our hearts. The programmes are highly appreciated by every single person and indeed we are proud to have feathers added to our cap of success.

Sri Shirdi Sai gears up for yet another exciting event. We have a number of projects lined up, all of which will bear the stamp of novelty. Nothing can stop us right now……. Our journey continues.


KIDS DAY.......Magical…Mesmerizing…Marveling!

KIDS DAY is a spectacular event that we sumptuously celebrate annually.

Before exhibiting their cultural talents in the best possible way, the kids arrange an Art and Craft exhibition to show case their craftsmanship and skills in handicraft. They unfold their creativity by displaying items made out of simple cardboard, ice cream spoons, paper masks, flowers, paper plates, disposable glasses etc It is a melting pot of ingenuity and innovation. The exhibits are made of waste material that we dump in trash bins. The arrival of parents and other viewers cause a flurry of excitement as they answer to the queries of the visitors. On spectating, everyone remarks that it is an excellent work neatly arrayed and excellently elucidated.

Graduation of kindergarten is another high-light of the evening. Kids who are resplendent in the convocation dress, majestically walk on to the stage for receiving their certificates from the Chief guest and the Guests of Honour. It is a sight to see kids gliding over to the stage. Excitement and mirth soares high as the parents are elated by the prospect of the further education ahead.

The cultural extravaganza that follows leaves every single individual spell bound. Its a concourse of dance recitals with feet pounding tunes. The kids strike a new note with their best messages: planting saplings to make earth green around, saving mother earth, Eruvaka-depicting life of Farmers. The greatest epics depicted leves everyone in tears and carries away everyone to the nostalgic times of the Golden Culture. The classical nodes muse everyone. The disguise of kids mesmerises and fills everyone with awe and wonder.

The kids convey one practical message very clearly to the parents and teachers alike. Children are like gushing water. If let loose they make a mess but if given a direction, they bring life to everything they touch!!


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